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Chef Bruno Morin is chef-owner of Bistro de la Gare in South Pasadena, known for his passion and excellence in the culinary arts. He was born into a long line of chefs, including his father who was an Italian Chef. For Bruno, this family affair with food and wine was only the beginning of his culinary career. Chef Bruno's brings a warm and gregarious environment to each of his restaurants from New York to Los Angeles.


At "Bistro De La Gare", Chef Bruno has a passion for using the freshest ingredients from local farms. Every Thursday you will see the Chef at the South Pasadena Farmer's Market where he carefully hand-picks the best fruits and vegetables for his seasonal menu. The proof is in the produce and the result is tasted in every bite. Chef Bruno and his team gives each patron an exceptional experience of taste and service of a 5-star restaurant experience. The love and pride in their work can be witnessed from the first greeting to the very last smile in parting from this elegant and quiet restaurant in South Pasadena's premier Mission Street district.

Make your reservation online any time, day or night! We look forward to serving you the best culinary French-Italian dining experience.

You can also call us from 4:30pm - 9:00pm. Tel (626) 799-8828

Meet Our Chef


Chef Bruno Morin

Chef Bruno Morin

Owner and Chief Executive

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Chef Bruno's career started at 18 years old at La Tour Montparnasse, followed by a personal invitation to display his talents at Pré Catelan. Soon after he was offered the position of Second Chef in command for the prestigious West Hollywood destination formerly known as L'Orangerie. He pursued his career with great success working for restaurants such as Cafe Largo, and decided to broaden his culinary knowledge to incorporate Fine Italian Dining, which he learned under the Italian Chef Antonio Tomasi.


After two years of apprenticing the ways of Fine Italian Culinary Art, Chef Bruno Morin was ready to open his first Restaurant as an owner. The place known as "MEZZANOTE" became an instant destination amongst Chicago's fine dining restaurants and maintained a great reputation throughout the years until Chef decided to move back to New York, a city that he always was inspired by to start a new venture.


After having fulfilled his dreams on the East Coast, Chef Bruno Morin and his family decided to return to sunny California, and most importantly open the perfect venue to display his talent and experience. "Bistro De La Gare" presented all of the qualities and intimacy that Chef was looking for in order start his new adventure.


Chef Bruno Morin has always taken his passion for the Culinary Arts as the privilege to give guests a real taste of French and Italian home cooking with a hint of adventure. Bringing the French Bistro experience within a hidden gem of South Pasadena called "Bistro De La Gare"....



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